Home Automation

The intelligent home automation systems we offer, design and install, integrate smart home installations including automated lighting, climate control, security, audio & video, home theatre, network, and monitoring systems.

Smart home systems offer easy management of lighting, climate control, security and media systems, throughout your residence and enable your home to adapt to changes in weather conditions, available light, etc.

Obvious benefits of automation include increased comfort and safety, improved ambience, as well as time, energy and money saved.

  • Touch control panel on kitchen wall
  • HD TV projector
  • HD TV projector roll-down display
  • Control panel projected on roll-down display by a HD TV projector
  • Architect drawings
  • Lighting control panel for one of the rooms, projected on roll-down display by a HD TV projector
  • Wall mounted control touch panel
  • Wall mounted touch panel
  • Architect technical drawings