Wi-fi and Wiring

Before the first nail is driven, before the flooring, cabinets and lighting are selected, even before the architect finalizes the drawing, there is something that you as the home owner need to consider — a home network.

MultiMedia Systems specializes in making your home more comfortable, convenient and enjoyable. Whether it's a customized home theatre, built-in speaker system in every room or controlling all your entertainment facilities and lighting from a single button on the wall, we can satisfy your needs. Our systems can make coming home a rewarding, and relaxing experience.

  • Panel
  • Equipment Rack
  • Wiring - Upper Hallway
  • Equipment Rack Room, Wiring, Cables, Audio, Speaker Wires, Stereo Wires, Network Wiring
  • Construction - Framing, Drywall, Wiring
  • Construction - Steel Framing, Wiring
  • Construction - Steel Framing, Purple Foam Insulation, Wiring
  • Construction - Steel Framing, Wiring
  • Equipment Rack, Cables, Wires
  • Ceiling Under Construction, Steel Framing, Blue Sprayed Foam Insulation